Henry Summers1

ID#1535, b. about 1831
Father: David Summers
Mother: Phoebe Williams

Birth date: about 1831
Birth place: Virginia.1

Henry married Irena "Rena" Moran.2

Census Records

YearLocationEnumeration info as recorded
1840Monongalia County, VirginiaBelieved to be included in the household of David Summers (his father) as a male age "5 & under 10."
(Official Census Date: 01 June 1840)3
1850Marion County, VirginiaHenry Summers, male, age 19, born in Virginia, a laborer
(Official U.S. Census Date: 01 June 1850)1

Deceased Children of Henry Summers and Irena "Rena" Moran:

Family Line(s):
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