Sarah (unknown)1

ID#1640, b. about 1785
Father: not yet identified.
Mother: not yet identified. Birth: Estimate is circa 1785 based on the following rationale: I believe she is the eldest female "age 50 and under 60" in the Wm. McGary household in the 1840 U.S. Census. That age range would indicate a birth between 1780 and 1790. I have selected a mid-point of 1785 until I can come up with a more exact date.2
Birth place: unknown.

Sarah married William McGary.1

Census Records

YearLocationEnumeration info as recorded
1840Marshall County, VirginiaBelieved to be included in the household of William McGary (her husband) as a female age "50 & under 60."
(Official Census Date: 01 June 1840)2

Deceased Children of Sarah (unknown) and William McGary:

Family Line(s):
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