Michael "Mike" Lautar1,2

ID#1954, b. 29 September 1882, d. February 1964
Father: not yet identified, but reportedly born in Austria-Hungary.
Mother: not yet identified, but reportedly born in Austria-Hungary.2

Birth date: 29 September 1882
Birth place: Austria-Hungary Mike's draft card for World War II shows Austria as his birthplace.3 On the 1930 census, the enumerator wrote Austria-Hungary as his country of birth, but a line was drawn through it and Yugoslavia was written above.2 A little bit of history is helpful for understanding these differences.

The powerful Hapsburg family built up an empire known as Austria, but in 1867 the region of Hungary wanted more power. The Hapsburgs were forced to split the empire into a dual monarchy. The two were governed separately, but when it came to war and foreign affairs, they operated as a unified empire called Austria-Hungary.4 Note that this split occurred approximately 15 years before Mike was born. The following quote from the BBC News history files helps explain further:5

"After Austria-Hungary was defeated in World War I, the Versailles peace treaties defined a new pattern of state boundaries in the Balkans. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was founded. In 1929 King Alexander I changed the name of the state to Yugoslavia - land of the southern Slavs."6

As Mike was born during the existence of the Austria-Hungary empire, his reporting that he was born in Austria seems to indicate that he was from the region that remained under control of the Hapsburg family as opposed to the Hungarian region of the empire. By the time of the 1930 census, Austria-Hungary was incorporated into the state of Yugoslavia - which explains why Mike's reported birthplace of Austria Hungary was crossed out and replaced with Yugoslavia.

Commonly known as Mike.3

Michael married Rose "Rosie" (unknown).1

Mike died at age 81 in February 1964.7

Deceased Child of Michael "Mike" Lautar and Rose "Rosie" (unknown):

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