E. E. Aston1

ID#2023, b. 4 September 1878
Father: Joseph Aston
Mother: Catharine Rebecca "Kate" Manning

Birth date: 4 September 1878
Birth place: Wetzel County, West Virginia.1

It is interesting to note that the 1880 federal census lists a daughter named Edda in the household of Joseph Aston2 vs. a son named Eddie in the 1885 Kansas state census.3

As the birth record I found for E. E. Aston identified the child as a male, I lean toward Eddie being the correct name. As the birth was also recorded as a single child, that eliminated the idea that perhaps there could have been twins, one male and one female. Both of the aforementioned censuses show this child as being ten years younger than the oldest child, Carrie. Which leads to yet another interesting idea: Carrie ends with "ie" but was spelled as Carra in the 1880 census ... and Eddie also ends with "ie" but was spelled as Edda in that census. I wonder if the enumerator might have had hearing issues as the "ie" is replaced by an "a" in both cases. That wouldn't explain the gender issue, but it's always possible that the enumerator simply made an assumption that both children were females.

Census Records

YearLocationEnumeration info as recorded
1880Marshall County, West VirginiaEdda Aston, female, age 2, daughter, single, born in West Va
(Official U.S. Census Date: 01 June 1880)2
1885Vernon, Cowley County, KansasEddie Aston, age 7, male, single, born in West Virginia, moved to Kansas from West Virginia
(Kansas State Census, 1 March 1885)3
Family Line(s):
Aston Index
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