1830 U.S. Census, Virginia, Ohio County

ID#2029, b. 1 June 1830
Prior to the 1850 U.S. Census, the head of each household was the only individual identified by name. All members of a household were classified by gender into age ranges (and these fell into groupings by race and slavery) - from these breakdowns it is sometimes possible to extrapolate who the individuals were when info about the family is known from other sources. The households listed below show the classifications as reported, followed by names in italics when I have been able to determine them.

Note that there is a link for the head of most households that will take you to that individual's person page containing detailed information for him or her. If you click the link but your browser stays on this page, it indicates that there is no detailed person page included yet for that individual. An easy way to confirm that this is the case is to check for the person's name in the "Surname Index" - names only appear for people with a person page. Those types of links will gradually disappear as I continue adding people from my database.

Original spelling is retained in the information below - be aware that census records often contain many misspelled names.

Page and Line Numbers, Location
          Head of Family
                         Enumeration Information As Recorded (a ? indicates identities that are undetermined)
  • Page 219 Line 22, Ohio County, Virginia,
              Charles Harris, total of four persons:
                   one male under age 5 (son John M.)
                   one male age 20 & under 30 (Charles)
                   one female under age 5 (daughter Emily)
                   one female age 20 & under 30 (wife Elizabeth "Betsy")
  • Page 219 Line 24, Ohio County, Virginia,
              John Harris Senr., total of 11 persons:
                   1 male age 5 & under 10 (son Uriah)
                   2 males age 10 & under 15 (sons David & Aaron)
                   2 males age 20 & under 30 (sons Samuel & Benjamin)
                   2 males age 30 & under 40 (?)
                   1 male age 60 & under 70 (John Senr.)
                   1 female age 10 & under 15 (daughter Levina/Lavinia)
                   1 female age 15 & under 20 (daughter Lucinda)
                   1 female age 40 & under 50 (wife Nancy Agnes)
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