Sarah "Sally" Church1

ID#2058, b. 16 November 1805, d. 16 November 1891
Father: Henry "Old Hundred" Church
Mother: Hannah Keine

Birth date: about 1806.2 It has also been reported that Sarah was born on 16 November 1805.3 As a further complication, another source reported that Sarah was born about 1802.1
Birth place: Virginia.2

Sarah married Peter Sole.2

Sarah died at age 86 from cancer on 16 November 1891 in Wetzel County, West Virginia.4,5 The following is a transcription of that news article:

"A Long-Lived Family.
Special Telegram to The Times.
Wheeling, February 21. -- Henry Church, Sr., a famous old citizen of Wetzel county, died Friday, aged 99 years. Within a year his sister, Sarah Sole, died, aged 91. They were the children of that eccentric character "Old Hundred" and "Ninety-and-Nine," his wife, as they were universally known in Wetzel. "Old Hundred" was a native of England and a British soldier during the Revolutionary war. He was not naturalized until he was 100 years of age. He deserted the British army and made his home in the then wilderness along the Ohio, where Henry Church, his son, was born. "Old Hundred" lived to be 112, and "Ninty-and-Nine," his wife, 109. The combined age of the four, father, mother, son and daughter, was 410 years.."

[original spelling and punctuation retained]

Census Records

YearLocationEnumeration info as recorded
1810Monongalia County, VirginiaBelieved to be included in the household of Henry "Old Hundred" Church (her father) as one of two females age "under 10."
(Official Census Date: 06 August 1810)7
1820Tyler County, VirginiaBelieved to be included in the household of Henry Church (her father) as one of two females age "16 & under 26."
(Official Census Date: 07 August 1820)8
Family Line(s):
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