David "Dave" Anderson1

David Anderson dressed in Civil War uniform
Father: may be Jesse Anderson, but I need to find confirmation
Mother: may be Anna (unknown), but I need to find confirmation

Birth date: unknown
Birth place: unknown.

Photograph of Dave Anderson. Date taken: Civil War era. Location: unknown. Dressed in Civil War uniform with cavalry sword and two pistols/revolvers. Click on camera to view full (or larger) image than the one shown here, then use your browser's back button to return to this page.1
Family Line(s):
Aston Index
Last Edited Date=20 Mar 2013


  1. [S170] Photograph of David "Dave" Anderson taken Civil War era. From antique photograph album with handwritten inscription, "Presented to Della (McGary) Aston 1888 by J. L. Hood." Inherited by Della's daughter, Dessie (Aston) Harris, who passed it on to her own granddaughter, Jo Ellen (Kuhn) Dalton. Digital scan of original photo made by Dalton, present owner of the album.