Iowa State Census

State censuses were often taken in years between the federal censuses. According to, Iowa held frequent special and regular censuses but counties did not always comply with the requirements. Between the partial submissions and the loss of many of the old records, the existing state census information for Iowa is somewhat spotty.

The IAGenWeb census transcription project described at provides information about several different censuses conducted by Iowa.

Note that there is a link for the head of most households that will take you to that individual's person page containing detailed information for him or her. If you click the link but your browser stays on this page, it indicates that there is no detailed person page included yet for that individual. An easy way to confirm that this is the case is to check for the person's name in the "Surname Index" - names only appear for people with a person page. Those types of links will gradually disappear as I continue adding people from my database.

Original spelling is retained in the information below - be aware that census records often contain many inaccuracies.

Dwelling Number, Location
               Enumeration Information as Recorded (with the head of household listed first)
  • 044, Franklin, Lee County, Iowa,
              Clark, Anderson, male, age 24, born in Pa
                   --, Mary A., female, age 22, born in Pa
                   --, Samuel E., male, age 3, born in Pa
                   --, Melissa J., female, age 1, born in Pa

              Clark, Samuel, male, age 48, born in Pa
                   --, Jane, female, age 43, born in Pa
                   --, Oliver, male, age 13, born in Pa
                   --, Martha, female, age 22, born in Pa
         Although separated on the form as if Anderson and Samuel were the heads of two different families, all eight Clarks were included in dwelling number 44 as family number 47.
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