Belinda Leek1

ID#2654, b. 23 April 1960, d. 24 April 1960
Father: Leroy Leek
Mother: Helen Leona Dobbs

Birth date: 23 April 1960
Birth place: Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glen Dale, Marshall County, West Virginia.2

Belinda died on 24 April 1960 at Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glen Dale, Marshall County, West Virginia. The cause of death was identified as pulmonary insufficiency resulting from prematurity (only 24 to 26 weeks gestation.)2 Her body was interred in the Nauvoo Ridge LDS Cemetery, Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall County, West Virginia. The gravestone inscription reads, "Belinda Leek, April 24, 1960" and includes a small lamb3

A photo of the gravestone can be viewed at Marshall County WVGenWeb (image no. 137).1
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