Mary Eva Coutz1,2

ID#292, b. 17 November 1878, d. 17 November 1967
Father: John V. Coutz
Mother: Elizabeth Anderson

Birth date: 17 November 1878. There is conflicting evidence to support two different years of birth, although the day and month agree in both scenarios. The year of 1878 is supported by Mary Eva's gravestone as well as her death information recorded on and the 1900 federal census;3,4,5 however, the year would be substantiated much better if supported by birth info. In general, a source recorded closer to the time of an event is considered more accurate than one recorded years later.

Per a handwritten note by Dessie (Aston) Harris that Mary Eva died on her 90th birthday, it is implied that she was born on 17 November 1877 rather than 1878.6 This date of birth is supported by the record of Mary Eva's marriage which shows her as being 23 when married on 24 August 1901.7 Of course a marriage record is not a birth record, but it is closer in time than sources related to her death. Interestingly, her husband's birth year of 1878 is supported by the birth register,8 although he is also supposed to have been 23 at the time of their marriage! Bottom line is that I would like to find a birth record for Mary Eva to settle the issue, because right now I'm on the fence as to which year is correct.
Birth place: Greene County, Pennsylvania.7

Mary married John R. Harris, son of Samuel Harris and Mary Elizabeth Richmond, on 24 August 1901 Elder W. H. Devore certified that he united them in marriage.7

Mary died on 17 November 1967 at Barnesville Hospital, Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio.4

A memorial service for Mary was conducted on 20 November 1967 at Lutes Funeral Home, Moundsville, Marshall County, West Virginia.9 Mary's body was interred on 20 November 1967 in the Salem Church of Christ Cemetery, Bowman Ridge, Glen Easton, Marshall County, West Virginia.3,9

Deceased Children of Mary Eva Coutz and John Richmond Harris:

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