Vivian S. Harris1

ID#3017, b. about 1878
Father: not yet identified
Mother: not yet identified

Birth date: about 1878
Birth place: Missouri.1
Vivian was recorded as being a grandson of George Harris, ID# 249, in the 1880 U.S. Census; Vivian's birthplace was Missouri, his father's was left blank, and his mother's birthplace was Ill(inois). While two other grandchildren were also in the household, they were the children of John and Clara Harris who were born in Illinois and Missouri respectively.

As it's known that John was born in Illinois, is it possible that "Ill" was written in the column for Vivian's mother rather than his father by mistake? On the other hand, if Vivian's mother was in fact born in Illinois, then it seems that his mother wouldn't have been Clara, who was born in Missouri. It seems that Vivian may have been the child of one of John and Martha's other children. If you know who the parents of Vivian were, please let me know.1
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  1. [S2163] George Harris household, 1880 U.S. Census, Schuyler County, Missouri, Prairie Township, Enumeration District 156, page 3C (49 stamped), National Archives micropublication T9_736.