1940 U.S. Census, West Virginia, Marshall County

ID#3025, b. 1 April 1940
As households were enumerated in a census (1880 and later), they were given consecutive dwelling numbers within each enumeration district (ED). Looking at the numbers shown below, consecutive numbers within each ED indicate "next door" neighbors, close numbers indicate families living near each other.

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Original spelling is retained in the information below - be aware that census records often contain many inaccuracies.

Dwelling Number, Location
               Enumeration Information as Recorded (with the head of household listed first)
  • 189, Marshall County, West Virginia,
              Ferrell, David W., male, age 48, head, married, born in Pennsylvania
                   --, Mary D., female, age 38, wife, married, born in W. Virginia
                   --, Robert V., male, age 13, son, single, born in W. Virginia
                   --, Clarence D., male, age 10, son, single, born in W. Virginia
                   --, Charles F., male, age 6, son, single, born in W. Virginia
              The family rented their home at 1708 Second Street for $18 per month.
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