John J. Brookover1

ID#3119, b. 20 December 1886, d. 23 February 1930
Father: Abraham P. Brookover (Jr.?)
Mother: Sarah Jane Roberts

Birth date: 20 December 18862,3 or on 20 December 1889.1
Although John's wife gave his year of birth as 1889 on his death certificate, I believe that is most likely incorrect. When John signed up for the WWI draft, he gave his date of birth as 20 December 1886 and his age as 30. I found a J. J. Brookover born on that date in Wetzel County, West Virginia, per a Birth Register Index. The index is typed and would have been transcribed from a birth register that was probably handwritten. That could explain why the parents of J. J. are listed as A. R. and I. J. Brookover when they should be A. P. and S. J. Brookover. At this point, I believe that 1886 is most likely the correct year of John's birth.2

Birth place: Wetzel County, West Virginia.1,2

John died at age 43 from pulmonary tuberculosis on 23 February 1930 at Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.1 He was buried on 25 February 1930 Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.1
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