Arles Lloyd Church

ID#414, b. 31 January 1919, d. 22 April 1919
Arles Lloyd Church - 1919
Father: Eli Church
Mother: Lenora Susan "Nora" Summers

Birth date: 31 January 1919
Birth place: Marshall County, West Virginia.1

He was apparently called Arley as that is how his name appears in the obituary of his sister, Vera Blake.2

Photograph of Arles with Lenora Church. Date taken: 1919. Location: probably Moundsville, West Virginia. Click on camera to view image, then use your browser's back button to return here.3

Arles died of pneumonia on 22 April 1919 in Michigan. The date agrees with a written family record that is believed to have been originally started by Lenora. The death of Lenora's two infants is written in the same hand as the date of Eli and Lenora's marriage and the birth dates of the entire family.4,5

An obituary was published on 25 April 1919 the Moundsville Echo, weekly edition, Moundsville, Marshall County, West Virginia.6 The following is a transcription of that obituary:

The small child of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Church of Handcock street died this morning of pneumonia and will be buried Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock in Green Lawn cemetery"

[original spelling and punctuation retained]

The obituary indicated that Arley had died the morning of 25 April, but as the official Death Register says he died on the 22nd of April in Michigan, perhaps the family had just returned to Moundsville on the 25th after being in Michigan. The newspaper erred in reporting the father's name as Levi rather than Eli, and it's quite possible they reported an incorrect date of death.
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