Noah Grant Church1

ID#419, b. 9 June 1865, d. 3 October 1934
Father: William S. "Bill" Church
Mother: Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Roberts

Birth date: 9 June 1865.2,3 Alternatively, he was born 06 June 1864 according to his death certificate.4 As a further complication, the 1880 U.S. Census indicates he was born circa 1867.5
Birth place: Wetzel County, West Virginia.4,2

Commonly known by his middle name, Grant.6,5

Noah married Sarah (Riggs) Roberts, daughter of James Riggs and Rebecca Starcher, on 30 March 1927 in Calhoun County, West Virginia. Sarah was the widow of James R. Roberts.7,1 When Grant died just 7½ years later, he was recorded as single on his death certificate.4 I find this interesting as I would have expected his marital status to have been married, widowed or divorced - not single. Until I locate a death record for Sarah or discover that they were divorced, this remains a mystery.

Noah died at age 69 of cholerra morbis [sic] on 3 October 1934 at Littleton, Wetzel County, West Virginia.4 Per numerous websites, cholera morbus is a term no longer used. It did not refer to the cholera epidemics we think of when we hear the word cholera, but was used for what is now known as gastrointestinal illnesses.

His body was interred on 6 October 1934 in the Robinson Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery, Knob Fork, Wetzel County, West Virginia.4 For a long time I could not decipher the handwritten name of the cemetery where Grant was buried as it appeared on his death certificate. I kept thinking the first word was something like Robain but could never find a cemetery with a name close to that spelling when I searched lists of Wetzel County cemeteries on the internet. Then one morning it dawned on me that it reads "Robsin Ridge C" - an interesting spelling of Robinson Ridge Cemetery, also called Robinson Cemetery.

Next step was to try to find a photo of his gravestone online, but I was coming up empty. Samuel and Jennie Bradley Church are the only two Churches that show up in Robinson Ridge ... but then I discovered a note on the Wetzel County WVGenWeb site that says that there is a whole section of the cemetery that is full of graves with no markers. Perhaps Grant is buried in that section.8

Census Records

YearLocationEnumeration info as recorded
1880Wetzel County, West VirginiaGrant Church, male, age 13, son, single, born in WVa, worked on the farm, able to read and write
(Official U.S. Census Date: 01 June 1880)5
1900Calhoun County, West VirginiaNoah G. Church, male, age 34, son, single, born Jun 1865 in West Virginia, a stone cutter with 3 months unemployed
(Official U.S. Census Date: 01 June 1900)2
1910Calhoun County, West VirginiaNoah G. Church, male, age 44, son, single, born in West Virginia, a farm laborer on the home farm
(Official U.S. Census Date: 15 April 1910)9
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