Samuel Lydick

Father: not yet identified
Mother: not yet identified

Birth date: unknown
Birth place: Maryland.1

Samuel married Catherine Fair, daughter of Jacob Fair and Catherine Knappenberger.

The following was posted on the Find A Grave memorial for Samuel Lydick:2

"An article appearing in Moundsville Daily Echo, 12/13/1929 states:
On the J.R. Earlywine farm - - can be found, in a small burying plot, the grave of Samuel Lydick. The stone marker tells that he was buried there January 5, 1852, or 77 years ago."

Samuel is not listed in the 1850 census with the rest of his family, which seems to indicate that he might have died prior to 1852 as reported in the Echo.3

Also note that the burial site, as stated, is "on the J.R. Earlywine farm" which I believe is different from the Earlywine Cemetery that is located in the Sand Hill area, i.e. northern Marshall County. There was reportedly an Earlywine farm on French Run off Fork Ridge,4 which is closer to the center of the county. French Run lies between Brushy Ridge and Glen Easton Ridge Road, two north-south roads that connected Fork Ridge and Glen Easton when they were fully open. Knowing that the general area was home to various Harris and Lydick families, it seemed very likely to me that this should be the location of the Earlywine farm where Samuel was reportedly buried.

Subsequently I ran across another account that referenced the same newspaper article in the Moundsville Daily Echo. In a section titled "Pioneer Graves," the first paragraph referred to the burial of Elias Harris "on the John Long farm near Glen Easton." The second paragraph stated:
On the J. R. Earlywine farm near this place can be found, in a small burying plot, the grave of Samuel Lydick. The stone marker tells that he was buried there January 5, 1852, or 77 years ago. Two of his sons were among those from this section to fight for the reservation of the union in the Civil war.5

The Long farm referenced in the first paragraph was located on the lower end of Brushy Ridge closer to Glen Easton. The second paragraph states that the J. R. Earlywine farm was near the Long farm, i.e. on Brushy Ridge. This seems to lend credence to my theory that Samuel was buried on the Earlywine family farm on French Run rather than the Earlywine Cemetery near Sandhill.6

Deceased Children of Samuel Lydick and Catherine Fair:

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