Arlie A. Church1

ID#482, b. 31 August 1910, d. 18 July 1933
Father: Anderson "Anner" Church
Mother: Rhoda Gump

Birth date: 31 August 1910 A birth date of 31 August 1911 appears on Arlee's death certificate, which also states he was 22 years, 10 months and 17 days old. However, if 22 years is correct, then his birth year would have been 1910.2 It has also been reported that Arlie was born in 1909.1

Birth place: West Virginia.2

It has been reported that his name could be spelled Arley.3 Yet another spelling is Arlee, as appears on his death certificate.2

Arlee died at age 22 of typhoid fever on 18 July 1933 in Burton, Wetzel County, West Virginia.2 Arlie's body was interred in the Lowe Cemetery (a/k/a Lowe-Higginbotham), Wetzel County, West Virginia.1
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