Glen Easton, Marshall County, Virginia

The village of Glen Easton was known for many years as Easton's Siding. This name given at the time of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad bed building in the year of 1847. A contractor in this kind of work - David Easton - came from Rochester, Pennsylvania, to build one section with the sponsors of this undertaking ... When the work had progressed far enough, the cross-ties and rails laid, the railroad company wanted a spur track or siding added, which was done. Thus the name - Easton's Siding.

The Glen Easton Post Office was established September 9, 1854. The area remained part of Virginia until 20 June 20 1863 when Marshall County and 49 other counties seceded from Virginia to become West Virginia.

Source: Marshall County Historical Society, comp., History of Marshall County West Virginia 1984 (Salem, WV: Walsworth Publishing Co., 1984), 46-7.