Chronology of Alsace and Lorraine Jurisdictions:

Before 1648: Alsace is part of the Holy Roman Empire
1648: Most of Alsace becomes part of France
1766: Lorraine becomes part of France
1871: Alsace and part of Lorraine ("German Lorraine") are annexed by Germany.
1919: Alsace becomes part of France following World War I.
1939-1945: Alsace becomes part of Germany during World War II.
1946 to present: Alsace is part of France. (Lorraine corresponds to the department of Moselle, Meurtheet-Moselle, and parts of the departments of Meuse and of Bosges.)

(Source: Shirley J. Riemer, The German Research Companion (Sacramento: Lorelei Press, 2000), 158.