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09 May 2017
(unknown), Nancy
Alley, George B.
Alley, Jennie
Aston, Mary Gladys "Peggy"
Barnett, Susannah
Black, Charles A.
Bland, David
Brookover, Abraham P. (Jr.?)
Brookover, John J.
Brookover, Lafayette
Brown, Caroline
Church, Adam
Cooper, Rebecca
Estep, Charles Carl "Bud"
Estep, William Luther
Garrison, Carlton William
Garrison, Warren O. (or D.?)
Grimm, Flossie M.
Gump, Ella
Harris, Doris Imogene
Harris, Maxine
Helms, Susannah
Jefferson, Florence
Kerns, Sarah E.
Little, Sarah Jane
Long, Hardesty
Long, John Hartesty
Murphy, Lucinda
Richmond, Jacob
Richmond, John W.
Roberts, Bob
Roberts, Margaret C.
Sole, Peter
Streight, Alice S.
Summers, Elijah
Summers, Elijah N.
Summers, Thomas
Young, Christopher E.
Young, Elijah D.
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Johannah "Hannah"
Young, Jacob
Young, Margaret
Young, Oscar
19 February 2016
Hukill, Dessie R.
02 February 2016
Allen, Earl
Allen, Thomas M. "Tom"
Aston, Donald Ray "Don"
Aston, John Edgar "Johnny"
Aston, Joseph Isaac
Aston, Thomas Glen "Cy"
Austin, Mary Virginia
Conkle, Jane
Conkle, Philip
Deets, William S.
Dobbs, Johny
Harris, Jessie L.
Harris, Myrtle Leona
Harris, Rachel
Harris, Vivian S.
Harris, William A.
Hart, Ray N.
Holtz, Lena
Howard, Elizabeth
Hubbs, Barbara
Hubbs, Eliza
Hubbs, Franklin "Frank"
Hubbs, George W.
Hubbs, John
Hubbs, Millard F.
Hubbs, Sarah
Hubbs, William H.
Johnston, C. M.
Leslie, John
Leslie, Madolyn
Love, Clara A.
Love, George W.
Love, Jane A.
Love, Jennie A.
Love, John
Love, Taylor H.
Mason, Margaret
McCosh, Marie
McNinch, Sadie
Mullins, Ivery
Mundle/Mundell, Ellen
Mundle/Mundell, Emma
Mundle/Mundell, Sarah E.
Richmond, Melva Lenora
Richmond, Thomas D.
Ritchie, George
Robinson, James
Sanchez, Thelma LaVerne
Standiford, Mary I.
Stewart, Russell Harris
Summers, Rena
Summers, William
Taylor, Eliza
Terrill, Eva May
Wayman, Jesse
25 June 2015
(unknown), Catherine (surname may be Percy)
(unknown), Sarah (aka Mary)
Barker, Ruth
Bolyard, Georgia Pearl "Georgie"
Church, Denver
Church, Edna
Church, Hugh
Church, Hughey Edward
Church, Nannie
Church, William Ross
Clark, Emily
Clark, Josephine J.
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Thomas Ervin
Cole, Blanche
Colvig, Allice
Conner, Rosa Leona
Estep, Barbe Ann
Harris, Frank M.
Harris, Glen Richmond
Hawk, Minnie Pearl
Henderson, Margaret Ruth
Kelley, Virginia Belle
Logsdon, Harry R.
Magers, Anne Rebecca
Mosslander, Joseph E.
Schenck, Albert Jacob
Schenck, Carl H.
Schenck, Ernest Jacob
Schenck, George N.
Web or Webb, Mary C.
Whipkey, Mary Arbelle or Arbella
Wilson, Henderson
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Lafayette
Wilson, Malissa Jane
Wilson, Micheal "Mike"
25 June 2014
Blake, Shannon Wiley
Emery, Odessa "Dessie"
Fairbee, Artie
Fairbee, Silas
Marshall, Ina V.
McMillan, Bathsheba/Bethsheba
Summers, Irena E.
Summers, James M.
Summers, John E. (or Jonah E.)
Summers, Lucinda M.
Summers, Lucy E.
Summers, Mary F.
Summers, Mary J.
Summers, Phebe O.
Summers, Sarah
Summers, Sarah E.
Summers, unnamed male
Summers, William N.
24 September 2013
Albaugh, Herbert F.
Church, Jessica Alice "Jessie"
Jackson, Caroline
Kuhn, Jeremy Michael
Longwell, Charles Albert "Bert"
Rulong, Clarence Paul
27 June 2013
(unknown), Rebecca
Phillips, Mary
Pierce, George
Price, Mary Jane
Talbott, Joshua
13 June 2013
Ball, Jesse
Higginbotham, James
Kerby, John Wesley
Kerns, Emma Eveline
Stallman, Rahamah
18 May 2013
(unknown), Anna
Griffith, C.
Hunt, Sarah
Moore, Henry
Schaffer, Betty
Schaffer, Harry C.
Stewart, Irwin
Williams, Glenn / Glen R.
28 April 2013
Church, Richard
Roach, Marcella
23 April 2013
Clegg, Benjamin Franklin
20 April 2013
(unknown), Mildred D.
Weber, Bertram John "Bert" Jr.
16 April 2013
Logsdon, Arthur B.
West, Doris Lillian
04 April 2013
Allen, Grace L.
Barnes, Arnold
Hanby, Esther
Hanby, Hollis G.
Keith, Mapel
Summers, Twila
Tavenner, Lulu Ethel
Wallace, unidentified
White, Darling R.
White, Esther
White, Evert C.
White, Leola
White, Margaret
14 February 2013
Church, Elizabeth
Church, Hannah
Church, Ingabo Jamima
Church, Jeremiah
Church, Joseph
Church, Lizzie C.
Church, Nancy
Church, Nellie M.
Church, Pearl
Church, William
Cooper, Margaret Jane
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, Mary Ann
Kelly, Mary (Kelley)
Wright, Cloid Dwight (Cloyd)
29 October 2012
Dakan, William
Davis, Martha
19 October 2012
Burley, James S. "Jay"
Ensminger, Lavinia/Levina Ellen
Lydick, Caroline
Lydick, Eleanor
Lydick, Euphema
Lydick, Hannah
Lydick, Lucinda
Lydick, Urias
Roberts, baby girl (stillborn)
Roberts, Eli
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Sarah
Stewart, Bertha Virginia
Summers, Barbara
Summers, Jesse
05 October 2012
Jones, Harriet Ellen
Keyes, Nellie L.
02 October 2012
(unknown), Anna
Allman, Mary Ellen
Genther, Addison
Genther, Katherine
Genther, Louis C.
Genther, Martha
Genther, Mary
Genther, Nellie
Jefferson, Elizabeth R.
Jefferson, Ella B.
Jefferson, John H.
Jefferson, Lewis/Louis
Jefferson, Lydia
Jefferson, Martina
Jefferson, Mary
Jefferson, Rebecca Virginia
Jefferson, William H.
Ocker, William
Shipley, Albert
Straub, Frederica
Summers, Ellen
Summers, Jane C.
Wetzal, John D.
19 September 2012
Lydick, Sarah
Lydick, William H.
14 September 2012
(unknown), Elizabeth
(unknown), Juda/Judah/Judie
(unknown), Margaret
(unknown), Rachel
Collins, William S.
Crow, Alexander
Crow, Isaac
Howard, Alexander
Howard, Emma
Howard, Marcus
Richmond, Almyra
Richmond, Joseph
Shuttlesworth, Francis D.
Standiford, Jacob
Wilhelm, Alice
05 September 2012
(unknown), Avilda
Briggs, David
Dobbs, Henry
Gill, Anna E.
03 September 2012
Briggs, Alcinda Ellen "Allie"
Dobbs, Anna Diora
Dobbs, Wanda L.
Leek, Belinda
Leek, Leroy
Lydick, Effie Mae
Lydick, Jacob S.
Lydick, John B.
Lydick, Mary
Lydick, Samuel
Lydick, Samuel McClellan "Clell"
Lydick, Skelton Roger "S. R."
Reynolds, Phebe
Standiford, Nancy
26 August 2012
Harris, Joseph
12 August 2012
(unknown), Margaret
Allen, Charles Erwin
Fair, Jacob
Knappenberger, Catherine
Lydick, Birtie E.
Lydick, George
Lydick, Noah
Standiford, Elizabeth
Standiford, Peter
05 August 2012
 •  Site expansion added over 1,000 new people ... too many to list here.
05 January 2012
(unknown), Jane
Bartlett, Melissa Jane
Bowers, Martha Ann
Davis, Mary
Harris, Charles
Harris, David
Harris, George
Harris, Lavina
Hubbs, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Mundle, John
17 October 2011
1890 U.S. Census Veterans Schedule, West Virginia, Calhoun County (June 1890)
1900 U.S. Census, West Virginia, Marshall County (1 June 1900)
13 October 2011
1870 U.S. Census, Illinois, Livingston County (1 June 1870)
1880 U.S. Census, Illinois, Livingston County (1 June 1880)
29 September 2011
1870 U.S. Census, Kansas, Douglas County (1 June 1870)
Fork Ridge Universalist Church Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
Mt. Rose Cemetery
Oak Grove United Methodist Cemetery
19 September 2011
Phoebe Williams
Fork Ridge Christian Church Cemetery - This new "cemetery person" is used to create a list of people buried in that cemetery. I have several of these created, but this is the first one I'm including here.
8 September 2011
 •  Website first published online with 92 persons (56 real persons plus 36 "census persons" such as 1850 U.S. Census, Virginia, Marshall County). Two "census persons" were later removed as noted in the 03 October 2011 entry under Miscellaneous Updates.